1. All music and event activities must end by time designated.

2. All belongings must be out of the premises no later than time designated.

3. Absolutely NO selling of food or drinks allowed unless proper permits have been pre-approved by Janie prior to the event.

4. Renter is responsible for all alcoholic beverages, permits and legal restrictions includingproper identification of legal age.

5. Any underage drinking or inappropriate behaviour can result in us stopping the event and asking all guests to vacate the property immediately.

6. No drinking/loitering permitted outside of building or surrounding areas.

7. We reserve the right to ask any individual to leave the premises due to illegal activity or inappropriate behaviour.

8. NO smoking/vaping allowed inside of building.

9. JNV Creations is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

10. Front glass doors must stay closed and unlocked at all times.

11. Front metal doors must stay open at all times.

12. $300 Deposit is refundable within 3 days if there are no damages or missing items resulting from the event or any of it's atendees, and all pending balances have been paid prior to the event.

13. All damages and missing items will be charged at full retail price (Shipping/Handling fees may apply).

14. Any balance remaining will be charged to card on file or taken from cash deposit.

15. NO outside party rentals or decoration services allowed (NO Exceptions).

16. NO thumbtacks, nails, staples, tape, or any other type of attachments resulting in damage allowed in venue property.

17. Must clean up any trash/debris made on the sidewalk and/or street.

18. All changes must be finalized 2 weeks prior to event.

19. All cancellations made within 2 weeks of the event date will be charged half of the total balance.

20. Date changes must be made at least 45 days prior to event date and a $75 fee will apply. 

21. $150 Retainer payment is Non-Refundable upon cancellation (NO exceptions).

22. JNV Creations may charge additional fees upon cancellation based on hours, staff, inventory, special orders and any work done prior to the event.

23. All same day Cancellations/No-Shows will be charged full balance due.

JNV CREATIONS Party Rentals:

All contracts require a retainer payment (half of the total balance) in order to be finalized. Retainer payments are non-refundable upon cancellation. All payments are tranferable to a different date if date is still available, upon approval ONLY. Total balance needs to be paid in full before the day of the event (late fees apply to late payments), Cash, checks, Pay Pal and money orders accepted (please do not mail cash), Any amount paid on the day of the event is CASH ONLY (receipt will be provided). $40 fee for any bounced checks. All missing and damaged items will be charged at full retail price plus shipping and handling (if applicable) must be paid within 5 days of the event day, NO exceptions. Open flames and hot wax are NOT allowed on or near any rentals. All rentals are 24 hours, additional charge of 20% (of full balance) per day will apply for all late returns. All items listed on this contract are RENTAL ONLY unless otherwise stated on the contract.